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Add ImageThe Bank of Zachary logo is a visual representation of our way of doing business. It consists of four equal geometric shapes, like panes of glass, or petals of a flower. Just as these four pieces come together to form one design, the Bank of Zachary has four constituent groups that come together to form the basis of our corporate culture.


logo square customers Our Customers

The Bank of Zachary takes great pride in meeting the banking needs of our customers in a professional, yet personable, manner. We realize that without customers, we have no business. To this end, we strive to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers with innovative products and unparalleled service.

Our goal is not to simply have customers, but to form relationships that survive in good times and bad, from generation to generation. Banking customers have a wide array of institutions to choose from. To remain successful, we must differentiate ourselves from the competition, and the best way to do that is through superior customer service. That is our pledge and our commitment.


logo square staff Our Staff

The Bank of Zachary strives to provide a positive work environment for all of our employees. Our employees are ambassadors for the Bank of Zachary in their off hours as well as on the job. In return, our employees can expect to be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Our staff understands the importance of building strong customer relationships. We are always willing to go the extra mile in assisting our customers. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers.


logo square shareholders Our Shareholders

The Bank of Zachary is owned by nearly 300 individual shareholders, the vast majority of whom live in and around the Zachary area. The largest individual holding constitutes less than 2.5% of the total shares outstanding. There is no concentration of our stock in any recognizable association, family or otherwise.

The shareholders are represented by a Board of Directors, elected by the shareholders for staggered terms. They have the ultimate responsibility for the actions undertaken by the management of the Bank of Zachary. We are proud to say that these Directors are among this area’s most prominent citizens.

The management of Bank of Zachary is charged by the shareholders with operating the bank in a safe, sound and profitable manner. While publicly-traded banks are driven by markets to maximum shareholder value, the shareholders of the Bank of Zachary expect a reasonable return on their investment, but not at the expense of our customers, our employees, or most importantly our community.


logo square community Our Community

We are, first and foremost, a community banking institution, and we have been an integral part of this community for more than a century. The Bank of Zachary first opened for business on July 2, 1904, making it the oldest bank headquartered in East Baton Rouge Parish. We opened one of the first branch banks in the Central area in 1976.

Support for our community is the bedrock on which our bank was founded and it remains our guiding principle. In fact, we have defined our mission as such:

The mission of the Bank of Zachary is to improve our community by meeting its financial needs and by being a responsible and productive member of that community, recognizing that the extent of our ability to enhance our community is dependent on our profitability.

We demonstrate our commitment to the community every day. Our officers, directors and employees are actively involved in nearly every civic and charitable organization in our trade area. Five of our current officers have served as President of the Chamber of Commerce. Bank of Zachary employees have leadership roles in March of Dimes, Relay for Life, Z-Fest, Rotary Club, FAZE, and many other organizations. We are proud of our significant contributions to area non-profit organizations.

The Bank of Zachary was a crucial partner in the formation of the Zachary Community School System, devoting time and resources to the fledgling organization. As the Zachary Community School System has grown into the model of success, the Bank of Zachary has lent its support every step of the way.


Serving Our Customers

When you see our familiar four-part logo, remember that balancing the needs of these four constituent groups – Customers, Staff, Shareholders, and Community – has been the hallmark of the Bank of Zachary. It is a tried and true formula that has served us well for more than a hundred years.

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