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    The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign Act) requires your approval before we can present disclosures electronically. You must consent to receive electronically the Electronic Funds Disclosure before proceeding with opening a Debit or ATM card and/or establishing telephone transfer service. By clicking the check box at the bottom of this page, you are consenting to receiving these disclosures electronically for this request. Your consent pertains to this transaction only and does not include any other disclosures the bank may need to provide you.

    Please know that you do have the right to receive a paper version of these disclosures and may contact us by email to request a paper copy. There is no charge for a paper copy. If you do not want to consent to electronically receiving the Electronic Funds Disclosure, you should exit this form. Instead visit one of our branch offices to open our new electronic service.

    To access the required disclosures, you need a Pentium-class Windows or Macintosh based PC with 256 MB of memory. The disclosure can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can get for free by visiting Access to a printer or the ability to download information is necessary to obtain copies for your records.

    Electronic Funds Disclosures

    Please review the Electronic Funds Disclosure, which contains important policies and information pertaining to our Electronic Funds Transfer Policy.

    ! You must read the Electronic Funds Disclosure in order to continue.