One of our wonderful customers recently posted a “rant” on her Facebook page, directed at a very large, out-of-state bank.  She ended her post with glowing remarks about the Bank of Zachary, writing “everyone always asks why I still do my banking with the Bank of Zachary. They are still hometown banking & everyone in there still knows you!”

While I am flattered and humbled by the unqualified endorsement of the Bank of Zachary, I am stung by the qualification that anyone would ask why she "still" banks with us, as if the Bank of Zachary is a relic of the past. Kind of like being surprised that someone "still" uses a flip-phone.

Well, I would like to think that our customer and many, many others are favorably impressed that we are "still" here on Main Street in Zachary as we have been since 1904, when so many community institutions have disappeared from the Main Streets of America. And that we are "still" owned, managed, and staffed by local friends and neighbors.

We are "still" fully invested in and wholly committed to our community, taking pride in being one of the leading corporate citizens, donating our time and money to virtually every cause and civic organization in the area.

We are "still" meeting the financial needs of thousands of households, small businesses, churches and non-profit organizations. We are "still" innovating by adopting "high tech" solutions while maintaining the "high touch" personal service that generations of our loyal customers have come to expect.

And unlike credit unions, we are "still" paying taxes that support our first responders and our military, build and maintain our roads, and contribute to essential government services.

We are grateful when a customer becomes an advocate for the Bank of Zachary but more importantly, we sincerely appreciate the trust bestowed in us to help meet financial needs.  We intend to keep earning the trust of our citizens for another 100 years and beyond.

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