In January, I had the privilege of announcing that the Bank of Zachary elected two new officers. Ruth Ann Kuhns is our new Loan Operations Officer and Renee Deshotels is now Assistant Cashier.

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Mrs. Kuhns has been a member of the Loan Support Department of Bank of Zachary since 2005, after working 16 years in the financial services industry. She is a resident of Zachary, and a native of French Settlement.   Among her duties, Mrs. Kuhns is in charge of central loan processing at the Main Office.

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Mrs. Deshotels joined the Bank of Zachary in July 2010 after 11 years as payroll and accounts payable manager for the Pelican Yacht Club in Fort Pierce, Florida. She is a native and resident of Baton Rouge. Mrs. Deshotels works in the Accounting Department and handles much of the human resources duties for the Bank.

We are blessed with an exceptional staff at the Bank of Zachary, and these two ladies are excellent additions to our officer corps.  

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