The Bank of Zachary enters the New Year with a renewed sense of commitment to our four constituent groups: Our Community, Customers, Employees and Shareholders.

As always, the Bank of Zachary will be involved with the community we serve. Our staff will be recognizable at nearly every public event, but more importantly they will be quietly working behind the scenes in hundreds of ways to make our community a better place to live and work.

For our customers, and for those who we would like to make our customers, we are working hard on improving and introducing electronic services to be rolled out during the course of 2013. Our commitment is to provide first-class technology, combined with the great Bank of Zachary personal service that is our trademark.

We are privileged to have some of the best people in our community as members of our staff. The Bank of Zachary promises to treat all employees with respect, provide a safe and productive work environment, and reward effort with competitive salaries and benefits.

Finally, we are accountable to our shareholders, who should and do expect a reasonable return on their investment. In free market capitalism, it is this expectation that rewards efficiency, and punishes recklessness. As a community bank, we are not protected by “Too Big To Fail” status that puts taxpayers at risk for questionable behavior, nor do we rely on taxpayers to subsidize our business model as credit unions do. We make no apologies for pursuing profit with which to reward our shareholders in the form of reasonable and prudent dividends.

The Bank of Zachary Way is our public commitment to holding these four groups in balance, as represented by the four equal shapes that form our corporate logo. It is this commitment that has sustained us for more than a century, and entering a new year we make this pledge anew.

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