We have heard from numerous customers this morning who have received a call that says their debit card has been blocked, and asking for a response to "re-activate".


If you want more information, call your bank so that you know you are talking to a trusted source.

Listed below are the warning signs visible to a business or consumer customer that their system/network may have been compromised:

  1. Inability to log into online banking (thieves could be blocking customer access so the customer won’t see the theft until the criminals have control of the money).
  2. Dramatic loss of computer speed.
  3. Changes in the way things appear on the screen.
  4. Computer locks up so the user is unable to perform any functions.
  5. Unexpected rebooting or restarting of the computer.
  6. Unexpected request for a one time password (or token) in the middle of an online session.
  7. Unusual pop-up messages, especially a message in the middle of a session that says the connection to the bank system is not working (system unavailable, down for maintenance, etc.).
  8. New or unexpected toolbars and/or icons.
  9. Inability to shut down or restart the computer.

Our Online Account & Loan Application System will be down for routine scheduled maintenance Saturday, August 29, 9:00 PM Central Time and is expected to begin its regular operation time by 5:00 AM Sunday, August 30.

We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience of the recent debit card compromise.  The issue is currently being resolved.  If you have any problems with your card, please contact Account Services at (225) 654-5647.

Our telephone banking line, 225-654-1516, is currently down for maintenance.  Due to a hardware issue, it will remain down until the hardware is replaced.  The hardware is being shipped overnight to the bank, and will arrive on 12-10-2014.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We apologize to our customers who are having to replace debit cards compromised in the Home Depot breach.  We are in the process of notifying those affected.

As always, please carefully review your bank statements for unauthorized activity, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

I received the email below this morning, purporting to be from Cox Communications. This IS NOT from Cox. It is a "phishing" email designed to steal personal information. If you receive this email, please report it to Cox. More information is available at cox.com.

- Preston Kennedy, President/CEO
Bank of Zachary

Our Account Services Department received numerous calls the week of July 14 from Bank of Zachary account holders who are receiving fraudulent calls regarding their deposit accounts. These calls ARE NOT originating with the Bank of Zachary and should be treated as an attempt to defraud. At least some of the fraudulent callers identify themselves as "Mid South Bank", "Mid City Bank" or "Mid America Bank".

The call, usually computer generated, instructs the listener to enter a debit card number, then asks for the Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Please DO NOT share information with anyone, especially your PIN. If you receive a call requesting any information, HANG UP!   Call us at (225) 654-2701 if you have any questions

Have you heard the exciting news? You may have received a letter or seen a poster “teasing” our new website that is launching soon. A great feature of this new site is that you will be able to do just about everything you can do in our branches – online! Technology is only continuing to advance and the world around us shows no sign of slowing down. Our goal is to accommodate our customers by creating a more accessible website with improved online capabilities.

The new design and action-based navigation will make it easier to learn about Bank of Zachary’s products and services, access powerful and easy to use calculators, ask questions, find educational resources, open accounts, apply for loans, chat with us online, and more! In essence, our website will be a virtual branch that’s open 24/7 – so you can bank the way you want to. Here’s a sneak preview: http://bankofzachary.pwlanding.com/005/

Along with the website, we’re also introducing enhancements to our account choices. We’re simplifying what we offer – making it even easier to bank with us.

We are excited to unveil these changes soon. Stay tuned!

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