Bill Payment Tips & Troubleshooting

Setting up Your Merchant Accounts

Have the merchant bill in your possession to extract required information. The account number should be entered exactly as it appears on your bill, including leading zeros.

Verify your merchant data after input into the Bill Payment System. Confirm the address entered to the address listed on the billing statement. Errors in the account information could lead to fees for delayed/late payments.



Payments must be initiated 7-10 days in advance to ensure timely delivery to merchant. Untimely payments could result in late fees.

Merchants with an asterisk (*) next to the name indicate that they will accept electronic payments.

Non-electronic payment merchants are mailed a listing of payments along with a check for the full amount. The merchants must then enter all of the payment data into their payment system. This is a slower process than the electronically transmitted payments and may invite errors in the data entry process.

Please note regarding non-electronic payments: The first payment may be sent as a non-electronic payment because that merchant may not be identified as accepting electronic payments. Future payments may be sent as electronic payments and will reach the merchants quicker.



Problems should be reported to the Account Services Department at 225-654-5647.

Reported problems will be transmitted to our processor, FIS. FIS will require time to research the payment problem.

FIS may have to involve the merchant, which will further delay resolution of the problem. Due to the Right to Financial Privacy Act, we may need your help in resolving the issue by your speaking directly with the merchant representative.



Verify all merchant data that you entered.

Initiate payments within the suggested time frames. Payments initiated within the suggested time frames can be argued.

Delete all inactive or paid out merchants.


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