Gift Cards

A Bank of Zachary Gift Card is the perfect gift. Cards can be used at any merchant, in any town, in any state, even WORLDWIDE. Anywhere the VISA® logo is displayed.

As a cardholder, you can:

  • Get cash at any ATM that displays the VISA® logo.
  • Buy food, clothes, or anything else at your favorite stores or restaurants.
  • Get cash back with transactions using your (PIN) Personal Identification Number.
  • Pump your gas & pay the attendant with your card.
  • Use the Gift Card in place of Travelers Checks.
  • Shop on the internet.
  • Card may be loaded up to a maximum value of $500. 
  • Check your account balance and view account activity online or via phone.

Great for use:

  • Spring Break
  • Family Vacation Trips
  • Graduation Gift
  • Christmas Gifts and many other gifts.


  • One time fee of $5.00 to purchase card.

Use the internet to check your balance, account activity, & initiate statements. You are subject to fees when using the telephone options.

There could be an additional $2.00 convenience fee when using an ATM that does not belong to the Bank of Zachary. Use the cash back option listed above rather than use the ATM.

Purchase a Gift Card

Please visit any of our convenient locations and a Bank of Zachary teller will be happy to assist you with your Gift Card purchase. Email your questions to