Check Plus+ Personal Line of Credit

The Check Plus+ Personal Line of Credit account is tied directly to your checking account. It is a credit line, ready to provide funds needed for a special purpose or as added protection against an "accidental" overdraft. Check Plus+ costs nothing unless you use it, and when you do, you pay a FINANCE CHARGE only on the outstanding balance of your loan. You can make yourself a loan as needed. You won't have to take off work to visit with one of our friendly Loan Officers.

Your checking account balance will be increased in increments of $100.00 up to your approved credit limit. Payment will be deducted from your checking account balance on the first business day after your statement is cycled each month. The payment amount will be 3% of the outstanding balance, with a minimum payment of $25.00 or the balance of your account if the balance is less than $25.00. The annual percentage rate is 12.5%. Your statement will contain details of your payment.