Mobile Banking FAQs

  1. Do I have a different user ID and password for Mobile Banking?

    No, your user name and password is the same as online banking.

  2. If I only have text on my phone, can I still have Mobile Banking?

    You cannot access the Bank of Zachary app but you can have text banking.

  3. Do I need to be an online banking customer to use Mobile Banking?

    Yes, you do have to be enrolled as an online banking customer to access mobile banking.

  4. If I have an iPhone, do I have to go through the enrollment process?

    Yes, your phone must be activated.

  5. What happens if I don’t activate my phone within the given time? (24hrs.)

    Your activation code expires after 24 hours; if you do not activate your mobile banking in that 24 hours you will have to get a new activation code.

  6. Does the balance include your AOD (Automatic Overdraft) amount?

    No, it does not include the AOD amount; however your line of credit and savings overdraft protection is included in your balance.

  7. What happens if my phone is stolen? Can money be transferred to another institution?

    If your phone is stolen and you have mobile banking someone would have to have your user id and password to log into your Bank of Zachary account. If they have this information, they could only transfer money to and from your accounts here at the bank that are linked to your online banking. You cannot transfer money through text banking.

  8. Can someone use my phone to access their accounts?

    No, only the person that has activated their accounts on that phone will be able to use mobile banking.

  9. Can I pay bills through mobile banking?

    Yes, you can pay bills through mobile banking. You will first have to set the payee’s up in bill pay on online banking.

  10. How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?

    You must log in to your online banking from a computer and click on the administration tab, then mobile banking. You will need to fill in your cell number & select whether you want mobile banking and/or txt banking. If you do select mobile banking it will give you an activation code which you will type into the app once you download the app. After you type in the activation code you will be able to type in your user id and password.

  11. How do I remove or cancel Mobile Banking?

    1) Logon to online banking, click on the administration tab then mobile banking and disable or remove device.
    2) Text "S" to 79680

  12. What phones can have mobile banking?

    If you have an iPhone or Android phone you can download the BOZ App from your app store.

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