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"Still" The Best Choice For Our Community


One of our wonderful customers recently posted a “rant” on her Facebook page, directed at a very large, out-of-state bank.  She ended her post with glowing remarks about the Bank of Zachary, writing “everyone always asks why I still do my banking with the Bank of Zachary. They are still hometown banking & everyone in there still knows you!”

A Special New Year

This is a special New Year at the Bank of Zachary as we begin 2017 with a new leader at the helm. One day after his 38th birthday, Mark S. Marionneaux became the 8th President in our 112 year history. In addition to his relative youth, Mark brings enthusiasm and a clear-eyed vision to our venerable institution.

Bank of Zachary Encourages Consumers to Go Local for the Holidays

With holiday cheer and spending just around the corner, the Bank of Zachary joins the Independent Community Bankers of America® (ICBA) in encouraging consumers to Go Local this holiday season with their purchasing, dining and spending. By supporting small businesses throughout the holidays, consumers will be putting money back to work in their communities.

Wear Red

Red is the color of the day at Bank of Zachary as we joined the millions of Americans in a nationwide effort in saving women from heart disease, their No. 1 killer. This will be the 10th National Wear Red Day since the American Heart Association (AHA) launched Go Red For Women® in 2004 to dispel myths and raise awareness about heart disease, which today claims about one life per minute.