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The Bank of Zachary Gift Card (The Perfect Gift, especially if you are the recipient)

The Bank of Zachary Gift Card can be used at any merchant, in any town, in any state, even WORLDWIDE. Anywhere the VISA logo is displayed.

As a cardholder, you can:

  • Get cash at any ATM that displays the VISA logo.
  • Buy food, clothes, or anything else at your favorite stores or restaurants.
  • Get cash back with transactions using your (PIN) Personal identification number.
  • Pump your gas & pay the attendant with your card.
  • Use the Gift card in place of Travelers Checks.
  • Great for use:
    Spring Break
    Family Vacation Trips
    Graduation Gift
    Christmas Gifts and many other gifts.
  • Use your card up to 5 times daily. Restricted only for security reasons.
  • Shop on the INTERNET.
  • Reload the card as needed up to the maximum value of $500. Cardholder does not need to be present for reload. A phone call during business hours can do it.
  • Check your account balance and view account activity on-line or via phone.


  • One time fee of $ 5.00 to purchase card.
  • Reload fee is only $ 2.00.
  • Use the INTERNET to check your balance, account activity, & initiate statements. You are subject to fees when using the telephone options.
  • There is a minimum charge of $ 1.25 for using any ATM. There could be an additional $ 2.00 convenience fee when using an ATM that does not belong to the Bank of Zachary. Use the cash back option listed above rather than use the ATM.

Thank you for choosing the Bank of Zachary Gift Card.

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