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  • Must be an enrolled Internet Banking Customer
  • Log into the website.
  • Click on the bill payment tab at the top of the screen.
  • Accept the agreement.

Setting up Your Merchant Accounts

  • Have the merchant bill in your possession to extract required information.
  • The account number should be entered exactly as it appears on your billing, including leading zeros.
  • Errors in the account information could lead to fees for delayed/late payments.
  • Verify your merchant data after input into the Bill Payment System.
  • Confirm the address entered to the address listed on the billing statement.


  • Payments must be initiated 7-10 days in advance to ensure timely delivery to merchant. Untimely payments could result in late fees.
  • Merchants with an asterisk (*) next to the name indicate that they will accept electronic payments.
  • Non-electronic payment merchants are mailed a listing of payments along with a check for the full amount. The merchants must then enter all of the payment data into their payment system. This is a slower process than the electronically transmitted payments and may invite errors in the data entry process.
  • Please note regarding non-electronic payments:
  • The first payment may be sent as a non-electronic payment because that merchant may not be identified as accepting electronic payments. Future payments may be sent as electronic payments and will reach the merchants quicker.


  • Problems should be reported to the INTERNET Banking Department.
  • Reported problems will be transmitted to our processor, FIS. FIS will require time to research the payment problem.
  • Fidelity may have to involve the merchant, which will further delay resolution of the problem.
  • Due to the Right to Financial Privacy Act, we may need your help in resolving the issue by your speaking directly with the merchant representative.


  • Verify all merchant data that you entered.
  • Initiate payments within the suggested time frames. Payments initiated within the suggested time frames can be argued.
  • Delete all inactive or paid out merchants.

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