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Internet Banking System Security

One of the main concerns customers have about banking on the internet is security. Customers want to be assured that their personal information is safe. The Bank of Zachary will NEVER ask for your ID or your password. You have already provided all of the personal information required when you joined the Bank of Zachary Online banking program. The Bank of Zachary's Online Banking product utilizes security technology widely accepted and used by the banking and financial industry for Internet commerce. Since technology is always changing, the Bank of Zachary will monitor new technology as they emerge to ensure that its Online Banking product remains secure.

Individual User Logins

Customers enrolled in the Bank of Zachary Online Banking Systems have an individual Customer ID, a passmark picture and phrase, and a unique PIN number that identifies them online. The customer ID, pin number, Passmark picture and phrase are required to successfully log into the Online Banking system to view account information or to pay bills online. Both the customer ID and PIN number are required to successfully log into the Online Banking system to view account information or to pay bills online. This information is passed from the browser to the banking servers in encrypted form, so it is never exposed in clear text as it travels over the Internet.

The system requires that passwords be changed every 90 days. Customers have the option to change Passwords at will through the Online Banking System. Passwords should be kept secret and not shared with anyone.

Use of Encryption

The Bank of Zachary Online Banking system uses industry-standard SSL encryption to transfer information securely between the bank and the web browser. Customers can use Online Banking with browsers that support 128-bit encryption. Current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher or Firefox 3 or higher with 128-bit encryption can be downloaded from the Internet.

Session Timeout

If there is no activity in an Online Banking session for a predefined period of time, the session will be automatically terminated, thereby preventing unauthorized use by another person.

Automatic Lockout Feature

To prevent unauthorized users from guessing passwords, the customer ID is automatically locked after three failed attempts to sign into the Online Banking system. The account will remain locked until the customer calls The Bank of Zachary's Internet Banking department at (225) 654-2701.

Virus Risk

Computer viruses can damage your personal computer and/or cause loss of data. The two most common ways to contract a virus is by:

  • Downloading and executing a program that contains a virus.
  • Opening E-mail that contains a virus as an E-mail attachment.

Reduce the Virus Risk By:

  • Using anti-virus software that is available at most computer stores.
  • Updating your anti-virus software regularly with the most recent protection levels (Most updates are available through the Internet).
  • Run anti-virus software in automatic protection mode at all times.

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